Thursday: Our Oral Presentations

Today we had to present our project.

Before we travel to London we had to choose a subject on which we should make presentation and write a summary.

For our presentations we were divided into four groups. These four groups were distributed to two teachers and were assigned to a time period.

We had to be there when the first of our group had to hold his presentation. My group was at 11:40. We didn’t know how the central line was working so we were there very early.

In my group,beside me, there were three other students. The subjects were film industry in London, Skyline of London, sugar tax and financial opportunities available on the London Financial Markets. After every presentation our teacher gave their feedback and tips for our summary. Everybody needs to the presentation, which was part of the exam.

After all the presentations, we carried on learning for our exam which was the next day.

Last but not least…

20170407_213418.jpgIt is almost done! O.o
Today was our last day… we all have done the written exam quit good – I think šŸ˜‰

However after the farewell and many positiv words about our group we had enjoyed the last day in London better than expected!
Some went to the Westfield center doing some shopping, afterwards most of us joined the George again.
The other celebrated the last and special evening in the place with one of the most beautiful view in London.

Even though it was an amazing experience we all looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow Ā šŸ˜€

I will miss you, London …

Wednesday, 19 April

Hi everybody šŸ™‚

Today was our last day of normal lessons since tomorrow we will have to present our projects and on Friday there will be our final examinations. Therefore we are already nervous and stressed.

As in the previous days, school started at 9.30 am. In the first lesson we were taught the subject “Business Ethics”. We talked about the importance of Ethics for different companies and how the companies consider these (e.g. Primark).
After a short break we learned more about the concept of coperate social responsibility which will also be a question in our final examination.
Our teacher explained why business engages in socially responsible activity. Furthermore we watched a video about a company which has got really bad working conditions. Also we worked on some tasks in groups of four to five students each. For this we received texts before and had to answer some questions, for instance if the sustainability will inevitably become the most important corporate objective for businesses such as Nike that want to succeed in the long-term.
After the end of the lessons at 12:45 pm, some of us stayed at the ECBM to finish their presentations while the others preferred to go home where they are able to work without being interrupted.
Good luck in advance for the presentations! šŸ™‚

See you tomorrow šŸ™‚

Schoolweek 3

Dear Readers,

After a long weekend, from Friday to Monday, we had to wake up earlier. As the other school days the school began at 9.30 a.m., we talked with our teacher about the topic ā€œIntercultural Understanding: Communication and Business Environmentā€. At the beginning we learned more about what is culture, the different types of Culture – the National and Cross Culture ā€“ and a lot of more.

After lunch until 1.30 p.m. we started with the next topic: ā€œMedia in the UKā€.Ā  First we heard more about the Traditional Medias, like Newspapers, TV or Radio. Do you know that about 75 million such papers are sold every week? Thatā€™s quite a lot!
Next we should discuss with our partner the impact of the new Medias, like the internet. At the end of the lesson we saw a short film about fake news. Itā€™s really difficult to identify fakes.
Our school day ended at 3.00 p.m.

After driving home, most of us finished their presentation and learned for the 3 hour test on Friday. In the Test there are 4 topics with 2 questions. You are able to choose one of these twos and answer it within 200 words.

At the evening we met us in a pub to watch the football game Real Madrid against FC Bavarian Munich, they played unfortunately 4:2.

See you tomorrow!

“Work hard, play hard”

And one more time “Hello from London” fellows.

The last weeks we tried to take you with us on a trip through London.

Together we visited the London Eye, walked down the streets of China Town, spent a great evening atĀ the famous Sky Bar and experienced so much more. It was a fantastic time with countlessĀ remarkable moments.

We “played hard” as the locals would say. But now itĀ“s time to work hard as well.

We are here for a reason: to successfully graduate and become a “Kaufmann international”. There is nothing more important than enjoying life, but right now itĀ“s time to get the work done!

The closer the exams come, the more we all become aware of what it means to prepare for an three-hour-exam while also creating a mind blowing presentation. ThatĀ“s why we also used the last few days, especially today, to work ambitious and giveĀ our workĀ the finishing touch.

Was it worth all the work? Ā The results will show!

The London Eye

Hello there!

Today our day started at 13:30 at the London Eye near the Westminster Bridge. Thank God we had bought our tickets on Wednesday! We just stood for 30 minutes in the queue. After we went on the famous 135 metres big wheel we enjoyed the fantastic view over the skyline of London. It was really stunning! After the 30 minutes tour, we went to a “fish and chips” restaurant near the Thamse. At around 15:30 it started to rain a little bit so we decided to drive home.

Now I am going to sleep after this exhausting but really awesome week!

See you tomorrow guys!

Easter – long weekend

Because of Easter we had free untill Tuesday and we could decide what we wouldĀ do in this time. I chose Jersey, a small Channel Island between England and France, to spend some time with my family.

The part of the country is very different from London, quieter, with much more space, the people here seem to have more time and are very friendly and polite. But the most intresting is the nature, mostly the beaches and the ocean.

In the morning the weather was not good, but we spent nevertheless a lot time sightseeing. We were in the Mont Orgueil Castle in Gorey and took a walk along the St Catherine’s BreakwaterĀ during the rain. In the afternoon the weather was much better and we decided to walk through the beautyful beach and around St Helier city. At the end of the day I saw the lovely lighthouse “La CorbiĆØre” just before high tide.

The views on the island are extraordinarily and food is much better thenĀ with my host family. I can really recommend this place and personlly I will come back here.

See you soon:-)